About the airport

Madrid–Cuatro Vientos Airport (ICAO: LECU), also known as Cuatro Vientos Airport, is the oldest airport in Spain, established in 1911 and one of the three civil airports of Madrid along with Madrid–Barajas and Torrejón Air Base. The airport is located 8 km (5.0 mi) southwest of the city centre. The name "Cuatro Vientos" translates into English as "Four Winds."

Cuatro Vientos was originally an air base, which later became also a civil airport. Thus, there is a military section located on a separate apron of the airport, opposite to the civil one. It is also used as the Madrid base for aircraft of the Spanish Police, as well as for the road traffic surveillance helicopters.


Our aim is to create a free Cuatro Vientos airport in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Any contribution is more than welcomed, so if you want to do it, you can collaborate to the project either making a donation or creating any object of the airport like hangars, buildings...

This scenario is free. But if you like it and you want to collaborate with us, you can buy us a coffee. It would help us to improve it and to create new scenarios. Thank you!

Unzip the content in the community directory of the Microsoft Flight Simulator installation folder.